JHSF Capital

JHSF Capital

Created in October 2022, JHSF Capital is the financial products business unit of JHSF. It aims to deliver financing solutions and offer real estate financial products and investments to special clients.

JHSF Capital has three main focuses: creation and management of real estate investment funds, structuring of JHSF ID Membership program and development and offering of financing solutions for JHSF real estate products.

The creation and management of real estate investment funds will be based on JHSF’s real estate development products and will bring a new investment product to JHSF’s client and investor base. This fundraising will be important in order to accompany the company’s expansion and growth.

With the structuring of JHSF ID Membership, the exclusive relationship program with unique benefits for JHSF’s special clients that generates JCoins, the virtual currency of the JHSF ecosystem, JHSF Capital will launch an unprecedented credit card in the Brazilian market. Embedded in JHSF ID Membership program, Capital will also be responsible for the entire strategy and operation of JHSF Labs, JHSF’s Digital unit, which includes CJ Fashion, CJ Food and CJ Concierge.