Property Development

Cidade Jardim Residence

Already delivered, the Residência Cidade Jardim is a unique residential building on a plot of more than 7,500 m² and is next to Shopping Cidade Jardim, in one of the most wooded and quiet neighborhoods in the city. It has 17 apartments ranging from 714 m² to 1,815 m² in size. private area, all overlooking the streets of the neighborhood and the city skyline. The projects in the common areas are by the French Denis Montel, partner of RDAI and responsible for all Hermès flagship projects in the world.

Technical Data

Status: Delivered

Address: Armando Petrella, 311 St. – Cidade Jardim

Incorporation: JHSF

Architecture project: Pablo Slemenson

Landscaping project: Maria João d´Orey

Number of towers: 1

Number of floors: 16

Number of units: 16

Product: Apartments of 4 or 5 suites, of 714m² to 1,815 m²

Vacancies: From 7 vacancies per unit


Lobby, Library and Spa designed by RDAI, with executive direction by Denis Montel.

Respecting these values: exclusivity, privacy, silence, comfort.


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Email: atendimento@centraldevendasfbv.com.br
Telephone: +55 (11) 3702-2121