Hotel Fasano Las Piedras

The international expansion of the Fasano brand began in 2010 with the inauguration of the Hotel Fasano Punta del Este in Uruguay. The region of La Barra in Punta del Este was chosen for the award winning architectural project of Isay Weinfeld, which occupies a preserved area of 490 hectares and privileges the integration between the countryside and the sea. After going through a process of expansion, the hotel resumed its activities in December 2016, with Locanda Fasano, a project of Carolina Proto, a Brazilian architect based in Punta del Este, with 10 new apartments and suites in addition to the 20 existing bungalows in the property. Locanda is located next to the iconic Fasano Restaurant, which offers a breathtaking view of the estate and nature, and has new leisure areas such as a lounge, swimming pool, solarium and bar.


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