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Fazenda Boa Vista

Fazenda Boa Vista is a consolidated project and a national reference in a field enterprise aimed at high income. Located at km 102.5 of the Castello Branco highway, in the municipality of Porto Feliz / SP, Fazenda Boa Vista has a complete infrastructure for sports, leisure and services, all on a 12 million m² property, three million of which are covered through native forests, lakes, woods and gardens, with landscaping that integrates with the original vegetation of the place.

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JHSF believes it is essential to create conditions for sustainable development in the neighborhood of its projects. This practice has been adopted by the company in various initiatives, including Fazenda Boa Vista Ranch. Actions taken in this project include:

  • Sewage treatment plant;
  • Measures for energy efficiency and natural resource conservation;
  • Solar heating in homes;
  • Ecological nurseries for replanting and to obtain seedlings;
  • Support for local entrepreneurs to provide services and products such as milk and organic vegetables;
  • A water reuse mechanism for irrigation and rainwater utilization systems should be installed soon, as well as selective trash collection for recycling.


As it always does in the vicinity of the enterprises it develops, JHSF also implements social programs in the region. In the case of Fazenda Boa Vista Ranch, there are several actions implemented, such as:

  • Local labor training projects, so that the residents of the neighborhood can take advantage of the employment opportunities generated by the project;
  • Together with the Instituto Ecofuturo a local public library was created, which was inaugurated in July, 2009;
  • Partnership with the city of Porto Feliz’s Solidarity Fund to carry out various social activities;
  • A agreement with rural workers in the area in order to guide them in planting crops that will later be used by the restaurants and homes of Fazenda Boa Vista Ranch.


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Email: atendimento@centraldevendasfbv.com.br
Telephone: +55 (11) 3702.2121 / +55 (15) 3261.9900