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São Paulo Catarina Aeroporto Executivo

Built on a 5,2-million square meter area, the São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport is located at KM 60, on the Castello Branco Highway, which grants easy access to the capital’s main business centers. In addition to that , the airport is part of the Catarina Integrated Urban Development, in which the Shopping Catarina Fashion Outlet is also part of.

With the opening of São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport, the Brazilian executive aviation embarks in a new era. The São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport holds the same features of the best airports in the world, such as Farnborough, Le Bourget and Teterboro Airport. Counting on the longest runway – 2.470 meters –, ideal for international flights, the São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport is 14 minutes away from São Paulo by helicopter and 30 minutes by car. It is the first private airport in Brazil to offer very special and exclusive qualities: design by Sig Bergamin, state-of-the-art private terminals and the largest hangar area, with architectural project signed by Triptyque.

As it focuses exclusively on executive aviation, the São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport manages to offer 200 thousand landings and takeoffs per year, including intercontinental business jets. I t will soon be holding non-stop flights to New York, London or Paris. The runway of the São Paulo Catarina Executive Airport is the longest so far: 2.5km.

• Specifically designed for Business Aviation, able to handle most of the existing executive aircrafts on long-haul international flights

• Air Traffic Control and instrument approach system

• Terminal dedicated to Executive Aviation, equipped with complete infrastructure to support passengers and crew, able to provide quick and safe arrival and departure procedures

• 2.470 m (8100 ft) long runway

• Capable of handling large business jets, such as Embraer’s Lineage 1000E, Gulfstream’s G650 and G550, Bombardier ’s Global 7500 and 8000 and Dassault Falcon’s 8X and 6X and non-stop flights to international cities such as New York, London or Paris

• 14 minutes by helicopter of São Paulo

• 35 minutes by c a r f rom the main Business Districts of São Paulo

• Comprehensive and exclusive passenger handling services, making the experience of flying to and from the Catarina Executive Airport unique

• Designed to be the segment’s reference

• Modern airport infrastructure design

• Approximately 1285 acres of area, with about 50.000 sqm (538.000 sqft ) of hangars and 50.000 sqm (538.000 sqft) of aprons

• Maintenance Service Centers (MRO) and Fixed Base Operators (FBO)

• Helipad to connect users to the many business locations in São Paulo and other cities

• 24 hour operation without constrained capacity (no slot coordination)



JHSF – one of the leading real estate companies in Brazil – will implement a series of actions for the populations of São Roque and Mairinque, in São Paulo. Developer of the Catarina project, which will feature a private business airport, retail outlet mall and high-end office buildings, JHSF supports and also carries out a number of measures aimed at education, health, training, safety and the welfare of the citizens of these two cities that will be most directly affected by the undertaking.


In partnership with the city of San Roque and the Ecofuturo Institute, JHSF supports access to books and reading through the Community Libraries Project “Ler é Preciso” (“Need to Read”), an important tool to promote education and culture. The company has signed a commitment to sponsor installation, maintenance and management. The library, which has 1372 square feet of construction, is available to the whole community and its collection already has more than a thousand books.


In order to make use of local labor for the construction and operation of the Catarina project,  which will prevents population displacement and contribute to the generation of employment and income in the region, JHSF elaborated training plans through PAT – Worker Support Post, which has partnerships with Brazilian industry institutions SENAI, SENAC and others. Focusing on locations considered more vulnerable, such as the neighborhoods of  Mombasa and Dona Catarina, in São Roque, JHSF projects creating 1,360 jobs in the implantation phase of the Catarina Fashion Outlet. Local residents from São Roque and Mairinque will have preference in hiring.


To increase community safety, JHSF in partnership with the city of San Roque, supports the construction of Tourist Portals at three strategic points in the Saboó neighborhood. The portals will be equipped with surveillance cameras to fight crime and to monitor the entry and exit of residents and visitors.


The construction of Tourist Portals at the principal entrances to the Saboó neighborhood will also be of great importance for the ecological preservation of Morro do Saboó Hill and its surroundings. The initiative, which has the support of JHSF and the City of San Roque, aims to define the boundaries of the region’s tourist area and prevent environmental degradation. It will, also, limit the access of large vehicles by restricting cargo weight and gross weight.


In order to prevent the construction of new squatter settlements in the districts of Saboó and Mombasa, JHSF and the city of São Roque are studying the introduction of preventive measures in the region. One proposal being considered is hiring specialized professionals to implement the necessary legal procedures and also to intensify inspections in the area.


Rod. Pres. Castelo Branco, 62 São Roque - SP

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